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Depression Did This to My Desk

Depression is a serious mental health disease that affects many Americans, their families and homes. Organizer Klair has been a therapist for over 15 years and has been organizing in people’s homes for over 12 years. She has walked with people in their suffering in her clinic and in their homes and sees how depression gets in the way of everyday functioning. Even things as simple as throwing away garbage can seem impossible. Like so many things, when we bring the hurt and problem to the light and ask for help, change can happen. We are inspired by this client who “leaned into the discomfort" ( as Brene Brown says), asked for help, hired us, and worked along side us the whole time to go through the clutter. Making decisions about what to keep ("What is this piece of paper?" "Do I keep this card from my great aunt?") can be overwhelming. The good news is once you get started going through it, it gets better! Be brave! Tackle that stack! And if you know someone that is consumed by clutter, encourage them to take a step to do something about it - whether it’s asking a friend, a family member or professional organizer to come help.

Tips to Controlling the Chaos: trash/recycle all the un-needed paper/magazines/catalogs, shredded important documents not need; make an inbox, put all office supplies (paper clips, staples, pens, notepads) in one area; assess what papers need to be filed and make corresponding labels.

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