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FALL Back In Love With Your Home

The Spring season often gets the attention for cleaning, but we all know that clutter doesn't take time off throughout the year! That's why the Fall season is a great time to reclaim those areas of your home that have become chaotic or overwhelming.

While transforming clients' homes, we often hear people say things like, “I was looking for this!” “I forgot I had this!” “I can see the floor!” “I can breathe again...”  And all it takes is a little courage to face the pile in the corner or the stuff on top of the table and make a few decisions. It’s amazing what you can do in just 15 minutes to make a space look and feel better - without buying a thing!

Instead of buying something new for your home... simple decluttering and organizing can help you see your home in a new light. With a vision and a little elbow grease, you can bring new life into a space and FALL back in love with your home! It can be as simple as decluttering the counter or organizing a "catch-all" closet. 

Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Think of a spot that has been bothering you in your home (a drawer, cabinet, surface, closet or room). Imagine how you want that space to function and feel. For example, one client wanted to transform a catch-all closet into a writing area with a desk.

  1. Get a bag for trash/recycle and a bag for donate. 

  1. Identify items that are trash, recycle, donate or that belong to another area in the home. Remove the items that do not belong in your identified space. 

  1. If you find an item that you want to keep and it does not have a home - make a home for it. 

  1. Once you are left with the items to keep, assess if they need to be contained or organized in some kind of way (a bin, lazy susan, little shelf) - If so, see what you already have and -last resort - buy something to contain those items. 

  1. Assess if you have any action items to take care of  (hang a picture, add a lamp, change a lightbulb - we easily put these tasks off for later, but tackling it right away can make a big difference).

  1. Enjoy - step back and enjoy FALLing in love with your newly transformed space!

Wishing you a wonderful Fall Season!

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