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Mom, Where’s My Notebook?

Mom, Where’s My Notebook?

How often do we or one of loved ones misplace a notebook, an assignment, keys, or even a laptop! I think we have all been there. Half the time our minds are not where our bodies are. If we are thinking about something else and not where I am putting my notebook, I will most likely not remember where I put my notebook. Unless… I put it in a predetermined area - like my backpack, desk or shelf in the mudroom.

The beginning of school is a great time to organize a space where kid’s school stuff (shoes, backpacks, lunch kits, sweaters, assignments) will land as soon as they get home. This area does not need to be big. It can be in their room, in the entry in your home, in a designated mudroom. The priority is that the child and family make the decision together and have a routine of where to put the item. And even if you don't have kids and are no longer in school - you can apply these principles when you come home from work with your things.

If you already have a space where school/work stuff lands, then the beginning of school is a great time to declutter that area. Here are some quick tips to clean out that mudroom or area that has last year's stuff:

  • Recycle all old papers from last year

  • File/Archive/Scan any papers that you want to keep for memories (be choosy)

  • Only keep a few pairs of shoes per family member in the mudroom (they can easily pile up!)

  • Hang up excess sweaters, purses and bags in each person’s closet

  • Remove any items that are not school/mudroom related

  • Even if it's agony, get your kid involved for 10 minutes to go through old papers and his backpack. (they may actually enjoy what they find in there!)

How Control the Chaos Organizing Team Can Help:

-Help you create a space for your school/work items/papers to live

-Declutter and give you a fresh start for this year!

-Call today for a free consultation on how we can help at 713-206-5743 or email at

Cheers to a great start!

Klair & Alice @ Control the Chaos Organizing

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