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Making Space for Gift Giving

A couple of months ago, I decided to update and organize my gift wrapping station in my new home, and as the holiday season is now upon us, I'm more grateful than ever that I did! Until this time, gift wrapping supplies could be found in a number of places in my home. There was a bin of wrapping paper rolls under my bed. Gift bags were lumped in with other paper bags in my pantry, of all places! Tissue paper and ribbon could both be found in at least three different closets. And tape and scissors were lucky to be found at all!! (Both are high on the list of items that my children frequently run off with, never to be seen again!) But that all changed the day I designated two drawers of a “storage dresser” that I keep in my attic to become the forever home of all my gift wrapping supplies. This solution works well for me, but the reality is there are countless ways to organize your gift wrapping supplies -- the idea is to just to do it!

Today we’ve put together a few no-brainer tips to give you the motivation to create a gift wrap station that works best for you.

  1. First, spend just a bit of time thinking about your gift giving habits. Do you truly enjoy finding just the right box to fit the gift you are planning to give, and then using specialty wrapping paper cut just to size, taking the time to crease every corner just so, and finally adding an intricate bow of contrasting ribbon? Or are you perfectly pleased with selecting a gift bag throwing in some simple tissue paper, and voila -- a gift! Maybe you’ll need more of a “mobile station” that can be tucked away under a bed or in a closet? Or perhaps you have space to designate an entire “gift closet” to the endeavor! Whatever it is, be sure to create a space that reflects your real life priorities, and not somebody else’s idea of the perfect space.

  2. Next, identify all of the items you have on hand already, and then make a list of anything you’d like to add to your supplies. This gives you an accurate picture of just how much you really need to find a place for.

  3. Additionally, identify where you will do the actual wrapping, and store your supplies as close to that location as possible. In my case, I use the top of the dresser where my supplies are housed, or if the heat in the attic is unbearable, I use the adjacent playroom floor. Our team has helped clients create gift wrapping stations everywhere from hall closets, to laundry rooms, to craft rooms, to spare bedrooms, mudrooms, and more!

  4. Execute by containing as much as possible! There are countless solutions for storing rolls of wrapping paper, like this one from The Container Store, or this style found on Amazon. And, of course, there are a myriad of ideas for organizing gift bags, tissue, ribbon and all the trimmings. Whatever you choose, be sure that it all fits conveniently, to increase the likelihood of returning everything to its container after use.

  5. Finally, get to gifting! Hopefully, with minimal effort, your level of peace amidst all of the holiday festivities will increase, simply because you’ve taken a bit of time to create an organized and functional space to assist your gift wrapping efforts. Now that’s what I call giving yourself a gift!

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